Upholstery Fabric!

We have a limited quantity of this wonderful fabric for making miniature plush. It is no longer manufactured and getting very hard to find. We have selected colors for sale at our eBay Account. If you're looking for something specific, contact Gordon or Karen and we'll tell you if we have what you're looking for.
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Karen creates wearable miniature art: a heart-shaped box with a rose and card.
Karen creates a miniature box of chocolates and some flowers for Valentine's Day. For a project sheet on the Chocolates, click HERE and for a sheet on the roses, click HERE.
Karen sculpts a leprechaun out of polymer clay. A lot of her inspirations came from Maureen Carlson's How to Make Clay Characters, which is available from Amazon.com.
Karen creates an Easter basket in miniature.
Karen creates miniature daffodils to welcome the spring.